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The Movie Council – Blackhat (Review)

by Miracle

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Hacking has been a thorn in the world of film in recent months. Sony felt quite the sting when their online security was breached and everything from personalized emails to entire films were leaked. So it’s an interesting coincidence that a film centered around that concept is part of the new cinema releases this week. Blackhat starring Chris Hemsworth revolves around a convict who receives furlough to help deal with an incident involving some computer code he wrote in his past that is utilized in a terrorist attack. It takes him through the dark political realms of both America and China, reuniting him with old friends along the way. He also encounters a formidable fellow hacker who is seemingly the key to putting everything to bed. The Movie Council head honchos, Kal’L and Rich P. decided to check out the flick and see if it lived up to the hype set up by it’s compelling premise.

Rich P. initiates the review by giving the rundown on the directing which is handled by Michael Mann (Miami Vice). He feels like Mann stays true to his usual style which is a positive thing. However, it seems to be the more unconventional shots that breed excitement for Rich and Kal’L tends to agree. So clean job on the directing tip. Kal then speaks up on the acting. Chris Hemsworth plays the lead character, Nicholas Hathaway. Viola Davis is on the docket too as Carol Barrett. His overall consensus is that the actors carry the movie very nicely. There is nothing he felt that is worth getting too excited about but he doesn’t blame that entirely on the cast. Rich feels the same way.

The fellas cover the script/writing next. This area seems to have some slight issues. Particularly when it comes to the length and lack of character development. The dynamic duo believe that certain scenes just took up too much time and that there were a lot of unanswered questions about the star of the story. These equate to some of the negatives of the film as well. On the other hand the: action sequences, score, and twists are areas that shine in the flick according to the pair. Their final word is that viewers can wait to catch this one on DVD or Blu-Ray. Blackhat is solid but falls just a tad bit shy of getting the must see rating. Yet they do encourage others to feel free to take their own course as it pertains to the film.

**My Two Cents: I love the plot description for Blackhat. I am fascinated by the whole hacking world and can usually dig a good criminal character (lol). So though I hadn’t heard of it before Rich & Kal did the review, I am now curious about it. But I think I’ll take their advice and hold off on taking a trip to the cinema. The guys make some great points on both ends of the spectrum. I appreciate the fact that they made sure to discuss just as many positives as negatives. It gives their feedback a nice balance. And they cover all of the points quite efficiently which in turn produces a valid case for their final word on the film. I think readers will find this favorable as well and they should check it out for sure. Additionally, be sure to stay tuned. TMC’s next major webisode will feature their first ever special guests and cover a movie starring one of everybody’s favorite Puerto Rican divas. -MinM

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