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The Movie Council – Ant-Man Trailer (Keelo’s Response)

by Miracle

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This year the world of cinema is slated to be dominated by the world of comics. Both Marvel and DC are dropping some of the most highly anticipated films of 2015. So of course The Movie Council has to be on top of the ball. Recently, a trailer for the Marvel creation Ant-Man hit the web and got enthusiasts everywhere talking. The film is based off of the comic book of the same name. It will star Paul Rudd and is based around a hero who must use his abilities to shrink in size and increase in strength to help his mentor pull off a world saving venture. Outspoken TMC member Keelo Graham decided to put together a little something to let viewers know what he thinks of the newly viral trailer.

For the most part, Keelo has relatively positive feedback about the trailer. He’s fond of the leading cast selections and he feels like the graphics are pretty spot on. However, he is a little worried about Marvel’s decision to bring the comic to the big screen as apparently it wasn’t very popular in print form. Additionally, there have been some personnel issues behind the scenes which is always a valid basis for concern. But he is hopeful that it won’t impact the quality of the motion picture. Ant-Man is scheduled to hit theaters on July 17th and Keelo states that TMC will be in the building and then will be following up with a full length review for their supporters. So that’s one upcoming webisode that everyone can look forward to. Readers can catch the trailer along with Keelo’s feedback by clicking play above.

**My Two Cents: I had never heard of Ant-Man prior to checking out Keelo’s response to the trailer (lol). So this was interesting to me on a couple of different levels. The trailer looks good and I enjoy Paul Rudd’s acting. But I’m not sure if the premise can hold it’s own against other epic story-lines from Marvel such as the ones found in: X-Men, Blade, etc. So like Keelo, I am curious to see how it’s received by the die hard Marvel fans. Also, I agree with Paul Rudd that the name leaves a lot to be desired (lbvs). It will be entertaining to see how this all plays out this Summer. Can’t wait to hear the fellas thoughts on the film. Make sure that you are keeping up with TMC by checking out the links at the start of the post. And stay on alert for the next webisode too. Never know when the guys will feel like dropping a new video. -MinM

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