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Takticz – “The Blog Approach”

by Miracle

TheBlogApproachCover(Photo By The N-Crowd Entertainment)

Got another one from The N-Crowd Entertainment‘s Takticz, this time off his upcoming collaboration EP Brehh x Bae with teammates Maryann and N8 The Gr8. The twist: this is an ode to The Illixer directly … well, sort of. “The Blog Approach” is Takticz’ open letter to music blogs worldwide on what he thinks is necessary to make the cut.

As with most tracks from The N-Crowd Entertainment, N8 The Gr8 handles the production and does not disappoint. The track is super trippy with a slow chopped and screwed feel that adds to the psychedelic aura. The kicks are deep and play the background along with the stale snare. There is a high synth layered throughout and a echoed voice synth that plays on the mystic feel. Now every single instrumental is hard to pin point in this one because of the heavy reverb and what sounds like a pass filter on most of it but N8 murdered the music like a genius yet again.

Takticz sang and rapped a verse on this one and every part was masterfully planned, penciled, and performed. The chorus had the best R&B elements of the record from the soft delivery to the conversational way he spoke to blog writers: “What do I gotta do to make you play me? What do I gotta do to make you like me? All these gray areas lets find some color. Do you like purple, do you like pink? Do you like red, do to you like green? (…) Its up to you, tell me.” This shit is pure perfect writing and an amazing way of expressing his inner thoughts when trying to connect with blogs.

But he still impresses with the bars and delivers them perfectly too. Rhymes like: “Hoping that you fit me in your timeline. For now on the sideline. Like coach put me in, its my time. In yo schedule, pencil me in like eye line. Yo boy trying to make the cut like some iodine. Let me know if its a bottom-line. I’m  just trying to please you. End up on yo news-feed too. Have em like okay player, yeah I seent chu;” can not be denied!

**Final Thoughts: Overall, I love this joint and thats becoming the norm for anything that I hear from Takticz. The vibe is hella tight and the cover art is a pretty dope collage of blog logos too (shout out to Yung Brehh for throwing The Illixer in the mix, hahaha). This cat is nice on the mic as well as with song writing and he has proved it once more with this clever track. -Real McCoy

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