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Takticz- “Erotic City (Cocaine Cover)”

by Miracle

TakticzEroticCityCoverSmall (Photo By The N-Crowd Entertainment)

Right on the heels of releasing his Yung Brehh’s Party project, West Coast emcee Takticz dropped another joint that didn’t make the mixtape. “Erotic City” is his new school take on the Prince classic and it is pretty nice.

The track is produced by N8 The Gr8, the force behind the sounds on Takticz’ last mixtape and other The N-Crowd Entertainment artists as well. He keeps the track light and dreamy with a warping synth and slow kicks. The bass-line chimes in and out but is placed perfectly throughout the song to keep the R&B groove strong. Transitions in the record are signaled by rumbling drum rolls which is a great touch. The tribal percussion adds to the funk of the song and is layered nicely with an artificial clap towards the middle of the track for a nice chorus/bridge.

Adding to the experience, Takticz sings with a hell of a Prince impression from beginning to end. He goes in at the start but builds and switches with the beat all too smooth. His falsetto and high notes never seem awkward or off key and he doesn’t over do it with the effects at all. When the auto-tune and pitch correction are placed on PARTS of the record, it is all done for artistic expression and is once again perfect.

**Final Thoughts: Takticz impresses with this one for sure. As a Prince fan (aren’t we all are to some extent) I think Takticz and N8 The Gr8 captured something different in this version. I wonder why this missed the mixtape because it would have been a great addition in showing off another side to Takticz (especially in the singing department). Either way, this one is cold and deserves a listen, period. -Real McCoy

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