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IAW - Promo 1(Photo By Toy Taha)

“Memories” F/ Nightmeer (listen/download)

Toy Taha is a singer/songwriter/blogger from Philadelphia, PA. She is a soulful being who is inspired by old school greats such as Janet Jackson, Teena Marie, Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder, etc. Her writing is based on her life experiences, her loved ones, and her surroundings. Also, she has a pretty traditional yet extensive background in music. She grew up with the art form in her home, performed with other girls in her neighborhood, was part of school choirs, and developed her writing skills from poetry. Her end game is for her music to go on to touch people as other artists have touched and inspired her. Her first effort in achieving said goal will be her debut EP, I Am Woman. She reached out to site with two of the singles that will appear on the project. “Memories” will be covered in this review and “Move On Without You” can be heard here.