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“Love Music” (preview)

Multi-talented Cali artist Maryann (The N-Crowd Entertainment) has already bestowed a new release upon her supporters. She enjoyed her previous feature so much, that she and producer N8 The Gr8 were kind enough to send over the single and video to The Illixer as well. The effort is titled “Love Music” and it will appear on Maryann’s sophomore project, Futuristic Always. The fresh single is a huge contrast to the previously posted “Nothing You Could Say.” It is a lot softer and more on the conventional side. N8 once again delivered on the beat. The production is good. It’s got a subtle trap style foundation, intimate musical ingredients, an unhurried tempo, and a seductive vibe. The hook is nice. The vocals are low key and enticing. The lyrics are clear cut. The verses are quality. Maryann brings her signature vocals to the table with grown and sexy content. She provides a definitive idea of what her and N8’s ‘bedroom trap style’ sound is all about. In the end, this was a gratifying single.