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Photo Jan 02, 11 22 38 PM(Photos By Joe K.)

“There For You” (preview)

Joe K is an artist on the come up from right here in Milwaukee. Contrary to the background of most artists, he didn’t come into music and rapping until a later stage of his life. Some of his friends asked him to join in on a freestyle session just for fun and he gave it a shot. It turned out well and his interest was sparked from that point on. He spent a few months working to establish his style/sound using only his laptop and Adobe Audition. Eventually he got his sound down pact and released a few singles.  From there, he went on to solidify his identity and brand. The rest is pretty much history. At the moment, Joe K is working on putting together an EP. The upcoming project is titled, Against The Elements. His hopes is that the effort will showcase his diversity and give his supporters an idea of what he’s all about. He shared a couple of tracks with the site for that same purpose. The single “There For You” stood out the most. Continue reading to find out why.