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“Hella High” (preview)

Takticz is a budding artist out of California. He’s repping with previously featured talents N8 The Gr8 and Maryann for The N-Crowd Entertainment. Yesterday, the site received his latest offering the single/video, “Hella High.” The song was produced by N8 of course and serves as a nod to the Bay Area Function style on the West Coast. The production here is choice. It is made up of eccentric stylish components, an upbeat rhythm, and a light natured vibe. The hook is infectious. The delivery is atypical and the lyrics are clear-cut. The verses are sufficient. Takticz serves up a low individualized flow, witty wordplay, and competent rhymes. This song is summarized as Takticz ode to marijuana wrapped in a fun dance worthy package. That’s a pretty spot on description. Peep it as he spits: “Sipping til I get the spins. And I get to talking that s–t to ya chick. You better tuck her quick. Or it’s over with. Especially on some anti-sober s–t. Flow like a land-mine. Walking over here bout to blow. On some go and run for cover s–t. You ain’t know? Well do ya research about who you f–king with. The purp got me stuck a bit.” Clever lines being put forth right there. All in all, this was an entertaining record.