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Silence-is-Golden.Still006(Photo By Esohel)

“Silence Is Golden” (preview)

Chicago emcee Esohel is back on the site with a brand new video. It’s for his song “Silence Is Golden,” which features fellow artist Add-2. The single itself was produced by Ricky Dubs. It is a piano laced number with a refined bass, a mid-tempo gait, and a practical vibe. The hook is on point and the rhymes are first-rate. The fellas wanted to bring awareness to some of the present day social and political issues we are facing and they did just that. Overall, this is a choice record. It should be noted that the track appears on Esohel’s current album On Purpose With A Purpose. See what he cooked up for the visual after the break.

Blocka_zps0ed7a921(Photo By So Elevated)

“Blocka” (Remake) (listen/download)

Esohel is an artist repping for the Chi. He fell in love with Hip-Hop at an early age via the infamous video channel, The Box. The channel resulted in him being influenced by artists such as: Busta Rhymes, Nas, Crucial Conflict, and a few others. Artists like Nas showed him the substance part of the art form and artists like Busta showed him how to be unique in his approach.  He took what he learned and has gone on to: build up a healthy catalog, open up for mainstream acts, receive co-signs from reputable deejays, etc. At the moment, he is operating under SRNC Music Management Group and gearing up to release a new mixtape this season labeled, Nacho Usual. The tape will be a concept project. The chosen concept is remakes.