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DSC_8194-Edit(Photos By She’s Ryan)

“Whoa Remix” F/ Kris Kasanova (listen/download)

S I R” (listen/download)

She’s Ryan aka SIR is a Brooklyn bombshell with a plethora of talents. She’s a former photographer and current: model, singer, songwriter, and rapper. Her goal is to utilize all of her abilities to build her entertainment brand to it’s maximum potential. She has successfully done so thus far by taking her alias SIR and turning it into an entity all it’s own via her music, merchandising, and social media. According to Ryan, SIR represents: power, confidence, and respect. Something that both men and women alike can appreciate.  Additionally, Ryan prides herself on having many layers and not succumbing to any label or category when it comes to her various art forms. When it’s all said and done, Ryan wants to be remembered as a successful source of leadership and inspiration.