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The highly anticipated fifth album from Milwaukee native BKnitts is here. WAVES is a journey through his consciousness, struggles and triumphs as a man, and overall versatility as an artist. This is a really dope project from BKnitts. Unfortunately, this album is 14 songs too long. 26 tracks is way too many for an album. Honestly, BKnitts should’ve picked the best 12 or 13 tracks because that’s all he needed. You can actually easily point out the album fillers and what can standout on it’s own. Besides the album length, the vibe of this album lives up to it’s name. If your conscious had a soundtrack (well I know mine does), WAVES would be it.

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Straight Outta Compton Official Website

Celebrity biopics have not been going over too well these past few months. The motion picture from Lifetime for the late Aaliyah was a total disaster. And their effort honoring the late Whitney Houston was only slightly better. So the pending N.W.A biopic that is slated to hit the big screen later this year had fans on the fence a bit. However, an official trailer for the project dropped a few days ago that changed the dynamic completely.