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Spotlight On The Women Of Hip-Hop: Lyrically Poetic

credit Lyrically Poetic

Credit: Lyrically Poetic

**Note: Spotlight On The Women Of Hip-Hop is a new category to the site that will specifically focus on females in the industry who are doing their thing. Hip-Hop is a male dominated world and the ladies tend to get overlooked from time to time. So the site wanted to do something to show them that their talents and efforts are indeed being recognized.

For over 12 years, Lyrically Poetic has been a Hip-Hop artist without even knowing it. Through the grandfather of Hip-Hop, poetry, she has been expressing herself quietly until August of 2012 when she was officially introduced to the Milwaukee Hip-Hop community. The site has given a little taste of what she can do in both art forms via previous posts. Premiering at the Uptowner on the east side of the city, Poetic has been repeatedly invited to perform at other events and makes regular trips between her current home and the land of her Hip-Hop birth. The real kicker being that she does not even live in the 414. Hailing from Yorktown, Virginia and currently living in the Quad Cities area of Illinois, Poetic has made a lasting impression on the Hip-Hop community that has embraced her from the start. With a little over a year in the game under her belt, Poetic has already been featured on a track with the well known Taiyamo Denku and has her sights set on releasing her first solo effort the second quarter of 2014. With many fellow talented female emcees in the Hip-Hop game, Lyrically Poetic definitely has the makings of what it takes to stand out in a male based industry and establish a brand of her own. For all true fans of Hip-Hop check out her music via her Sound Cloud and if you enjoy what you hear, follow this budding artist on her journey in the Hip-Hop industry. ~Biggz

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