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Son Em’ All – “Napalm Rain”

by Miracle

IMG_23805201311914(Photo By BLB Photography)

Thought it would be fitting to round out the month with the final solo leak from long time site affiliate Son Em’ All. It is intriguingly dubbed “Napalm Rain” and serves as the second exclusive that has been shared from his forthcoming project, Hoodie Chronicles: Reloaded. So has the best leak been saved for last? Find out after the break.

The production here is of a high caliber quality. The settled foundation, savvy background fundamentals, metrical tempo, and austere vibe result in a top of the line mixture. There is no hook incorporated on this track. One isn’t actually needed but it would’ve been interesting to hear something crafted that tailored to the title. Especially since the tune runs on the shorter end time wise. The expanded verse is deviceful. Son Em’ All doles out a natural flow, versatile wordplay, and consequential rhymes. Through his words he masterfully reflects the characteristics that come to mind when one thinks of the term napalm. Some lines that are worth emphasizing include: “I fight the odds. A brawlaholic fam without the alchy. My doubters doubt me. But the most of them can see his vision. He God fearing. But he fear another stint in prison. These local DJ’s don’t know what they be preaching ’bout. They pushing all this garbage. So good artists gotta eke it out. Weed me out. My frequency at first is mad static. But clears and you can hear me spit this real inside your ears a touch. Look up in the sky. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. Nah, it’s Son Em’ All reloaded with napalm rain.” Those bars right there make for an untouchable conclusion to the selection. As a whole, this is an official number.

**My Two Cents: This is one of those tracks where every time you listen to it, you find something new to love. The production is such that it makes an impression but at the same time is subtle enough for the listener to truly digest the lyrics. Son Em’ All definitely stepped up to the plate with the content. He made sure that was no shortage of rewind worthy moments. It was my pleasure for sure to be able to drop this one on the public. And while his solo leaks are wrapped, I do have a couple of collaborations on chill. So be on alert for those to make an appearance before the year is out. -MinM

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