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Snow Tha Product – “Cali Luv”

by Miracle

CALI-LUV(Photo By Facebook)

“Cali Luv” (preview)

Snow Tha Product fans who logged onto Facebook earlier this evening were treated to a nice surprise. She hit the net with a fresh new single that teamed her up with some interesting people. The song is titled “Cali Luv” and was produced by fellow California residents The Cataracs and Borgeous. The Cataracs are a duo that produce music and rap. Their style is a combination of Pop, Electronic, & Hip-Hop. Borgeous is a producer and DJ who specializes in more Alternative style tracks. Specifically, he likes to take mainstream hits and put an eccentric spin on them. So the trio teaming up with Snow was a bit of out of the box for all parties. Click the break to find out how her hardcore sound meshed with the unorthodox fellas.

The production here is eclectic. The unusual musical ingredients, fluctuating gait, and sprightly vibe work meticulously together. The hook is of a top-drawer quality. The delivery is upbeat and the lyrics are proficient. Additionally, there is a sample used that goes great with Snow’s contribution. The verses are mint. Snow exhibits an adaptable flow, seasoned wordplay, and eminent rhymes. She represents for Cali fittingly while at the same time rising to the challenge of owning something outside of her comfort zone with ease. She unleashes: “Hot mama from California. This senorita the reason these whores be up. Pour me up. Drinking a forty up. 45 forty ounces and 40 cups. Good nights motherf–ka. Bad mornings, huh? Good kush, bad b–ch is the formula. Of course we up. Everybody on Morpheus. Smoking til we get cataracts in our corneas.” Snow came legit in those opening lines. Overall, this song is a huge conquest for the female emcee.

**My Two Cents: I am a major fan of The Cataracs and it’s no secret that Snow Tha Product is one of my faves. So I was beyond geeked to see this track. It delivered all I hoped for and more. The beat is a little busy but still fly. And Snow handled the change like a pro. This was an excellent collaboration in my opinion and I would love to see more in the future. -MinM


Woke JBass May 20, 2013 - 6:48 am

Love this track love Snow and all she does she is an amaZing femcee and she will be on top so wake ya game up dot com #GetWoke #ProductPusha

Woke JBass May 20, 2013 - 10:09 am

Snow is killin this game and yall gonna regret sleepin on her so wake ya game up dot com!!! #GetWoke #ProductPusha


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