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Ryan Serene – “Make You Feel Good”

by Miracle

100_3483(Photo By Ryan Serene)

“Make You Feel Good” (listen/download)

Ryan Serene is back with another single for readers. This one is dubbed “Make You Feel Good” and it’s a little different than what the site has previously heard from the Chicago emcee. Additionally, this is another King Art produced track. Which was a wise choice because the production turned out stellar. The refined core, suave secondary components, mid-tempo gait, and cool breeze vibe work seamlessly together. The hook is mint. The delivery has a pleasant flair to it and the lyrics are infectious. The verses are well-disposed. Ryan serves up an easy going flow, detailed wordplay, and good-natured rhymes. He conveys a charming, more laid back side of himself as he discusses interacting with a choice lady he’s met. Some standout lines include: “I hope I’m not out of line. But that deep s–t intrigues me. I wanna know about the real you. Not just what my eyes see. You’re different, I get that. No question, I’m with that. But I’m talking about ya secrets. Not your fashion statements. You girl are gonna go far. Destined for greatness. And I hate to be a distraction. But I find you amazing.” Those bars would make any girl swoon. Overall, this was a flattering step outside of the norm for Ryan Serene.

**My Two Cents: The press info that accompanied this single mentioned that this is Ryan’s first time ever trying his hand at a softer song of this nature. Considering that fact, I think he did a very solid job. His flow was fitting and his content was decent. The lyrics could have been a tad more innovative though. But I’m sure as he gets used to doing more music of this fashion that his lyrics will get better and better. I applaud Ryan for continuing to work hard and grow within his craft. Other artists could learn a thing or two from him. Readers should support his efforts as well and give the single a listen. -MinM

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