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Rich P – “Ask Ya Folks” (Video)

by Miracle

The ever so stylish emcee Rich P recently dropped a brand new video for his adoring public. The video is for the single “Ask Ya Folks” off of his Greetings To The Congregation: Mixtape Of Truth project. Take a peek below.



This video is an Elite Film Group production and was directed by Status. The theme for the video is essentially a day in the life of Rich P as he travels around the city. So viewers are privy to things like: Rich chilling in the hood, Rich cruising with his homie, and more. The main scenes are interlaced with shots of performance footage that feature the Milwaukee native at local venues. If one pays close attention, there are a few familiar faces that make a brief cameo appearance. The visuals end with a promo shot and Rich’s hit single “Pay Day” playing in the background. As a whole, it was a fine video.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was another dope delivery from Rich P.  It had a very down to earth feel to it, which was nice. Also, I thought the little cameos were a clever touch. I happen to know that Rich P is working hard every day on new material. So stay tuned to the site. In the meantime, like him on Facebook or hit him up on Twitter. -MinM

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