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Qewl Miles – “Don’t Call It A Comeback”

by Miracle

The Illixer first got wind of Qewl Miles at Sounds From The Othaground 2. Though he was pretty laid back that night, his streetwise rhymes and East Coast like style made a big impression. Currently, the well respected emcee is gearing up to drop a new project. As promo for the upcoming mixtape, the Milwaukee native dropped a new video clip for his song “Don’t Call It  A Comeback.” It is getting  a lot of positive feedback, so decided to share it with readers. Take a peek below.



This video was directed by Philly Fly Boy. It takes place on a rainy and dreary day in Downtown Milwaukee. Basically, it just features Qewl Miles going hard while standing on a street corner. Traffic, people, etc; carry on around him, business as usual. There is also some experimenting with different angles and some minor visual effects. What gives this piece it’s edge is Qewl Miles’s performance. He’s very passionate and intense, which gives the scene life. All in all, this was a dope clip and a creative way for Qewl Miles to help generate buzz for his upcoming tape.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was on point. I love the choice of location, the downtown area is the heart of our city. So that was a great way to add local appeal. And watching Qewl was entertaining too. The viewer can tell that he really put his all into those few minutes. And the overall appearance of the visuals was great. Props to Qewl Miles and Philly. If readers liked the video, they can hit Qewl up on Twitter and let him know. -MinM

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