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Presenting The Absolutely Fabulous: Bella Nae (Q&A)

by Miracle


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Bella Nae is a ripe new song bird and writer with tons of personality holding it down for the states of: Cali, Texas, and Ohio. Her style is described as an original buoyant mix of Pop and R&B occasionally fused with a rhyme or two. She began to indulge in music, dancing, and acting at a young age. She participated in everything from commercials to various entertainment networking events. However, it was her remake and video of “Marvin’s Room” by Drake that took her career to the next level. The video got her recognized by an individual named David Ford who eventually signed her to Mahoning Valley Records. He decided to sign her due to a special something that he felt she possessed. Other accomplishments Bella has under her belt include: performing at SXSW, touring with Machine Gun Kelly, two mixtapes, a debut EP, opening for well known artists such as Slim Thug, and more. So she’s definitely making moves. Bella’s end game is to eliminate the boundaries of music genres while bringing something fresh to the scene and motivating others. She has a steadily growing fan base and a dedicated team in her corner that believes that she is ready to take the world by storm. Find out more about the zealous new diva from Bella herself by checking out her Q&A with The Illixer below.

The Illixer: If someone were to ask you what Bella Nae is all about, how would you respond?

Bella Nae: I would simply say I am about making music people can relate to!

TI: How did you know that singing was the right career path for you over acting or dancing, as you have a background in all three mediums?

BN: I didn’t know, that’s why I feel like this career chose me. But you will see me dancing still and more acting is soon to come.

TI: Name two artists that had a huge influence on your career and explain why you chose them?

BN: Jay Z is one because he came from nothing and worked his way to his success and Missy Elliott is the other because she always does her own creative thing, and no one sounds like her!

TI: You have ties to three of the major regions in the industry: the West Coast (California), the South (Texas), and the Mid-West (Ohio). What is something important that you have taken away from each?

BN: Something important that I have taken away from them is the different music sound that they all have and sometimes you can actually hear it in my music. It might be from the terms I use, or in the beat that a producer from that area may have produced.

TI: What inspired your debut single “Ab Fabb” and are you happy with its success?

BN: Me and the producer OZ were just up working one night, and I was writing to the track and something I said sparked it all so we said the concept is “Absolutely Fabulous” and we went from there. And yes I’m happy with its success; I never would have thought it’d be as big as it is. I think it’s pretty dope!

TI: What is the meaning behind the name of your current EP, H.I.G.H. XOXO?

BN: H.I.G.H stands for Here I Give Hope! And basically I’m saying I’m going to continue to shoot for my dreams and through this I give hope that others can do the same!

TI: How would you describe the project and give a few reasons why people should listen to and or purchase it?

BN: I describe it as relatable, fun, and inspiring. People should go listen and purchase it for those very reasons. Who doesn’t like music that’s relatable, fun, and inspiring?!  Also, I wrote every track. It’s just a dope EP period! So tell all your family and friends to go listen to and download my EP, H.I.G.H. XOXO!

TI: Phrases such as star power, star factor, etc; are commonly used when describing you. What is your definition of being a star?

BN: My definition of being a star is being true to yourself and to everyone around you, being determined, driven, motivated to be the best you can be, and allowing no obstacles to block your success. Doing the right thing, staying positive, and be of motivation/inspiration to others! Give Hope! #H.I.G.H.

TI: What is next up for Bella Nae and share some of the things you have planned for the future?

BN: Up next for me is my album that I’m currently working on, so be expecting that soon. As for the future you might catch me on the next Big Heff’s Industry Tour, or on a different tour, some in stores will be held soon, and I might be hosting a party near you!

**My Two Cents: I can see how people can be drawn to Bella Nae. She has a very bubbly yet fierce aura about her and it shines through in her music. It shined through in the interview as well. Which made it fun to do. Readers can check out her music via either of the provided links and the video to her hit single “Ab Fabb” can be found above. Catch Bella on the net here. -MinM

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