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PHZ-Sicks – “Up”

by Miracle

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“Up” (preview/purchase)

January was the last time that readers heard anything from super talented Virginia rapper PHZ-Sicks. So decided to share a new release. He recently dropped a new single off of his latest project, The Laws of PHZ-Sicks. The single he selected is called “Up.” The production here is unique. It contains a scattered rhythm, a few instruments, and some quirky background elements. Everything sounds straight together. The hook is adequate. The delivery is solid and the lyrics are fine. However, it is a little hard to understand both due to the loudness of the beat. Taking it down a bit would make things a lot clearer. The verses are great. PHZ-Sicks serves up a vivacious flow, shrewd wordplay, and promising rhymes. He disperses a message that encourages the people to heighten the way they think.

Memorable lines include: “There’s more to life then shoes and cars. There’s more in the universe then shooting stars. You need more than clothes to know who you are. And if you don’t get me let me explain with these bars. I’m just trying to uplift my people up. The same way that you raising those red cups. Same way that a little liquor pour to the ground. The same way I let my soul pour through the sound. Don’t let these n—as slow you down. Don’t let negativity slow you down. You hear that? Nothing right? That’s how a f–king hater really sounds.” Riveting thoughts being spit right there. Overall, this song is a valid offering. It really causes one to think, gotta appreciate that.

**My Two Cents: This was a fly track. I love the intellectual aspect of it. Once again PHZ-Sicks has managed to impress me. If readers feel the same way, The Laws of PHZ-Sicks is available now via Band Camp. Go check it out. Also, be sure to see what PHZ-Sicks is up to on Twitter as well. -MinM

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