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Nyzzy Nyce – “Get Em Up”

by Miracle

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Nyzzy Nyce (Hurricane Music Group) is an artist coming to the game from Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is described as a passionate talent with a fetching sound. He had a very successful run in 2013 and is looking to do it all over again this year. He released a variety of singles, performed on stages with big names such as Wale, garnered licensing deals with major brands like the NFL Network, dropped several videos which have collectively pulled in over two million views, and more. Not bad for someone who transitioned to the mic from BMX racing. His end game is to get himself as well as his music to the highest platform possible.

At the moment, he is working in conjunction with a label based out of France known as DFMB Records. He will be releasing an EP with the company entitled Lost In Paris. A week ago, the first single from the project dropped. It’s coined “Get Em Up” and was produced by Bad Lossa. The production here is of a four star quality. The hefty bass, cultured musical components, zesty tempo, and street club vibe result in the perfect blend. The hook is becoming. The delivery is noticeable and the lyrics are direct. The verses are prevailing. Nyzzy contributes a mesmeric flow, diverting wordplay, and expedient rhymes. He invokes the ideal aura for a night out, partying, etc. A handful of interesting lines are: “The situation change when it’s ballers in the room. Take a hit of this and then we headed to the moon. She all on me. I’m all on TV. Her boyfriend mad cause his a** wanna be me. I’m lost in Paris still doing my two step. Take another shot girl you still ain’t loose yet. Patron on ice keep me gone all night. She made like a stripper. That’s the s–t that I like.” Nyzzy Nyce knows how to live it up if nothing else. Overall, this is a competent selection.

**My Two Cents: This was a moderate track. I liked the beat a lot and Nyzzy brought a ton of charisma to the number. His flow is on point but he could infuse a little more intricacy into his bars. That would kick them up a notch or two. As a whole though, it’s a fun quick listen that readers are sure to enjoy. So go ahead and hit that play button. Also, be sure to check out the Indiana spitter on Facebook (see above), Twitter, and via his official website. -MinM

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