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Natalia Damini – “Bad Girl” (Video)

by Miracle

Natalia-Damini(Photo By Concore Entertainment)

Beautiful (iTunes)

Natalia Damini (Concore Entertainment/Universal Music Group) is a Brazilian Pop star from Fortaleza, Brazil. She was raised by her grandfather who just so happened to be a musician. She grew up surrounded by Bossa Nova and Opera music. And dance was a serious part of her daily activities. Ballet in particular. All of these elements made quite the impression on a young Natalia and went on to pique her interest in the music art form. With the encouragement of her grandfather, she quickly became a rising talent at her school. Her career was kicked up a notch in 2010 when she released her first single. The single was a huge hit in her home country and opened doors for her first tour. She dropped her second single soon after; taking over the club scene and music charts in Brazil. The rest is pretty much history from there.  Now crowned one of Brazil’s biggest emerging Pop stars, garnering comparisons to the likes of artists such as Shakira, Natalia is working on taking her brand internationally by making some waves in other areas like here in the United States. This is reflected in the guest appearances on her new debut LP, Beautiful. She tapped two very well known rappers to grace the project: Nicki Minaj and Gucci Mane. In the name of promo and to show off a bit of what she has to offer, her team sent over a couple of items to the site. Amongst said material was the lyric video for her single “Bad Girl.” Give it a whirl after the break.

The production here is great. The thriving foundation, high energy musical components, upbeat tempo, and splashy vibe result in a likeable blend. The hook is fair. The vocals are gratifying and the lyrics are sassy. The verses are choice. Natalia continues to exhibit respectable vocal work and the lyrics are standard while still retaining a bit of attitude. The Pop diva gives the listener the full spectrum of her definition of a girl whose given up on behaving properly. A few engaging lines are: “Blowing your mind and watching the explosion. I get what I want every time. Everyone get out of my way. Front of the line, they’ll never keep me waiting. I want what is mine and there’s no contemplating. Now it’s no secret the good girl’s gone away. Now it’s no secret the bad girl is here to stay.” One has to love the confidence displayed by Miss Damini right there. Overall, this is a fun party style record. Readers can check out another video that was submitted here. It’s the full length flick for a track dubbed “Can’t Be Without You.” Additional music, info, visuals, etc; are available via Natalia’s media press kit.

**My Two Cents: Natalia Damini fits into the Pop genre nicely. Her music has a lot of pep to it and her lyrics are self-explanatory. I’m digging what she has to offer. I can certainly understand why she’s such a big deal in Brazil. If readers agree they should consider hitting up iTunes and snagging a copy of the album. Be sure to visit those links too. -MinM

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