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Nak Musick Presents – “Overkill” (414 Cypher Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Facebook)

Featured Artists: Hektik, Double Oh, Son Em’ All, Loud, $killz, Mad Static, and Ole P

Big Curse of Nak Musick recently showed off his unifying skills. He tapped seven very unique and talented emcees to come together for a track called “Overkill.” It’s a dark and twisty number that he produced himself. Things went so well that he regathered the emcees to create visuals for the track. The result is a slightly spooky but dope piece. Be daring and take a glance at the video below.



This video was directed by Sergio Soprano of EsGee Films. It was done in black and white with just a hint of color here and there. The video took place at Seven Bridges on the Southside of Milwaukee. If the name looks familiar, it’s because it’s known as being one of the top haunted places in the Mil. Some disturbing things have supposedly taken place on the main entrance bridge. Read all about it here. The location was chosen to help add to the eeriness of the track. Well done, it worked. The video opens with a bizarre clip about the many different types of death. From there is an opening shot of Curse and the crew. Then things go right into play, with Hektik of Street Team Inc kicking off the cypher. Double Oh takes over and gets it in while rocking a scary looking clown mask. Son Em’ All follows suit with a serious no non-sense demeanor and ill rhymes. Loud comes in afterwards giving off a stern vibe and spitting savvy lyrics. $kills (Sypher Squad) is up next with his signature flow and edgy creative lyrics. Mad Static (Higher Education Records) comes in behind $killz with an intense and engaging persona. And last but not least, Ole P (Vibe Music) brings it home. The usually relaxed emcee displays his more turnt up side. It was a nice change of pace. Additionally, the transitions were choice and the smokey effect was a clever idea. Overall, this was an excellent video. A little ominous especially with the evil background laugh from the track but definitely worth watching.

**My Two Cents: I’m feeling this track / video. I particularly love the fact that it brought everybody together. Unity is a beautiful thing. Also, all of the contributors seriously delivered. Curse and Sergio packaged everything well and all of the emcees went hard. Heard there is a desire for an all female version of this cut. That would be interesting. Stay tuned to the site to find out if it happens. -MinM

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