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Music Quickies: Pinqy Ring – “Work” (Remix)

Pinqy Ring Work (Remix - Cover Art)

Rihanna and Drake just can’t seem to make a record together that the listening public doesn’t go crazy over. Their latest collaboration “Work” is proof of said statement. The video for the selection is doing numbers and the remixes are vast. Getting in on the remix fun is the one and only Pinqy Ring. She sent over her own take on the hit single not too long ago.

She keeps the original production as is and even allows a bit of Ri-Ri’s initial contribution to shine on the first half of the song. Pinqy throws her flavor on it just a tad past the one minute mark. She caresses the ears with a hushed luring flow, colorful wordplay, and spicy rhymes. She even adds a little Spanish to the mix. With lines like: “I had some n—as but I told ’em all to swerve. He had some b—hes but this kitty is like church. Trying to make this work has been over time. But I’ll work, work, work, til I know he mine. We never fight. We don’t want none of them problems;” Pinqy does a stand up job of breathing a new life into the already established tune. The number concludes with a little more from Ri & Drake’s version. All in all, I think readers will enjoy the rendition and should definitely give it an ear. Looking forward to hearing Pinqy slay her own original music this year like she’s killing these remixes. -MinM

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