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Music Quickies: Meccah Maloh – :60 Seconds Before Takeoff (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle


For the past  five days I have been listening to one project. No matter what I do, I can not vibe to anything else. Meccah Maloh  sent me this link for a simple listen and review and I had no clue what I was getting myself into. Normally I can listen to a project once, maybe twice, and be able to sit down and write out a 300 word review; not the case for :60 Seconds Before Take Off. I had the project on repeat playing in my ear buds for just about a week and finally I am able to write my review.

Here it is, my review of his latest release. Fantastic, properly constructed lyrically, and blended to make the instrumentals chosen. This project is a shining example of what Milwaukee Hip-Hip has to live up to. By releasing this project, Meccah Maloh has raised the bar for all other artists across the globe. If you want to add this project to your collection, click here and enjoy. ~Biggz

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