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MKE To A3C (Video Footage)

by Miracle

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Earlier this month, a handful of select Milwaukee based artists got the chance to participate in one of the biggest Hip-Hop music festivals in the business. They headed down to Atlanta for A3C which ran from the 8th until the 12th this year. The home team took over the Apache Cafe on the 11th and included names such as: Signif, Sean Smart & Moses, Reggie Bonds, and more. Despite our best efforts, The Illixer was unable to attend the festivities to catch the big night in person. However, it seems the spirit of the site traveled with the group. The other day the site was lucky enough to receive video footage of the venture.

The video footage comes from an Orlando, Florida native by the name of Conshus. He has a radio program called OUR Show. He attended the festival to conduct some interviews and record some performances. He sat down and chopped it up with the one and only Signif. Since she is the one who initially brought the MKE To A3C movement to the site’s attention, thought it only right to include her piece. So her interview and performance can be seen above in the first video.

Additionally, Conshus caught the complete occurrence of the 414 crew taking over the Apache Cafe. The video unveils two whole hours of the squad rocking out. The show seemed to be pretty dope from start to finish. But if one just wanted to catch a certain act or two, the footage is conveniently time stamped as well. The listing can be found on YouTube in the info section beneath the flick. Those interested can view the concert visuals above.

 **My Two Cents: This made my already awesome weekend even better. I was really bummed that I couldn’t make it down to Atlanta to support and network. So though I’m sure seeing it in person was an experience all it’s own, I am grateful to be able to witness the show via the footage. Also, Signif’s interview was great. She gave a lot of valuable insight that I believe artists from the Mil will be able to appreciate and learn from. Many kudos and much love to Conshus for sharing his material with us! Readers should definitely check these out when they have a chance. -MinM

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