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Malik Ferraud F/ Phil Ade – “Traffic Jam”

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Traffic Jam” F/ Phil Ade

Malik Ferraud is a songwriter/artist who is holding it down for the city of Baltimore. He considers himself a very talented and versatile spirit. He is also a part of a movement and lifestyle brand called Positive Vibe. He has a deep rooted passion for music and is currently pushing a new mixtape entitled Damn. More specifically, he is promoting a single off of the tape entitled “Traffic Jam.” The song features fellow DMV rapper Phil Ade.

The production here is fine. It embodies an old school groove with light instrumentation and a carefree rhythm. The hook is solid. It contains some uncomplicated lyrics, a bit of repetition of the title, and some very high pitched background vocals. The verses are prime. Malik performs the first and last verses. Phil performs the second. Both emcees deliver effortless flows, smart wordplay, and skillfully crafted rhymes. They do a brilliant job of sharing the ups and downs of their musical journeys by metaphorically relaying them as traffic jams. Check Malik as he spits: “But I got plenty gas no need to hit a station. Which means I’m well prepared for any situation. If I’m mistaken I hope this lane’s right. The last thing I need to do is use my brake lights. Again, unfortunately nobody is moving. We all blocked from achieving the goal we pursuing. So I’m in a jam, planning to get some bread. With the way this is looking I might not get ahead.” Clear and excellent imagery conveyed through those lines. All in all, this song is a winner. The production is very pleasant and the content is dope.

**My Two Cents: I loved the symbolism in this song. The fellas did a very clever job with their words. Also, I liked the feel of the track. It was very light and easy. And the song as a whole was just a breath of fresh air. It’s a step outside of your typical Hip-Hop music, which is needed in the game every once and a while. Readers should definitely treat their ears to this track. Then hit up Malik Ferraud’s website for more with the emcee. Also, stay tuned to the site. A mixtape review of Damn is coming soon! -MinM

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