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Malik Ferraud – “Come My Way” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

Malik-Come My Way(Photo By Matt Hodin)

“Come My Way” (listen/download)

In honor of the day of love that took place in the earlier part of the month, rapper Malik Ferraud dropped a brand new set of visuals. The video is for the third single off of his upcoming untitled project. It’s been labeled “Come My Way” and was produced by someone who is no stranger to working with Malik, Black Diamond. The beat incorporates a sample of the 1998 smash hit “Swing My Way” by duo K.P. & Envyi. It also contains: a trendy bass-line, suave background components, a soulful mid-tempo pace, and a delightful vibe. It’s a pretty top of the line sound. The hook is a success too. The delivery is laid back and the lyrics are becoming. The verses are dignified. Malik serves up a purified flow, considerate wordplay, and perceptive rhymes. He dishes on his feelings for a special lady while at the same time providing a bit of insight on how he views the romantic dealings of today. Peep it as he spits: “But more importantly I’m interested within your mind. I’d rather understand ya thoughts than get between ya thighs. Why? I’m not ya typical guy. Looks can be deceiving. Beauty is extremely one of the reasons relationships are misleading. But who’s to blame? We all act the same. Women buying makeup. N—as getting new chains. All to impress. What’s really to gain? Then you get upset cause all you get is the same.” Those are some profound bars that Malik put down for the beginning of the track. As a whole, this is a prestigious selection. The video can be found after the break.

The video was filmed, edited, and directed by Daniel St. Ours. It is composed of a variety of classic media clips that represent love. Old school cartoons are a huge part of the footage. Betty Boop, The Flintstones, Superman, and Popeye are just a few of the vintage characters that the viewer will get to lay eyes on. In addition to the toons, there are snippets of quaint films and television shows as well. The hues utilized retain the retro feel too, varying from black & white to a more antique version of color. The nostalgic piece concludes with one last animated shot before transitioning into a heart shaped fade out. A preview for Malik’s next release follows suit. It’s back to modern times and what appears to be an upscale artistic theme. Altogether everything turned out luxuriantly.

**My Two Cents: I was hooked from the minute this track came on. “Swing My Way” is one of my all time favorite songs ever. Malik Ferraud certainly did the sample justice. I loved the nature of his lyrics as well as the direction that Black Diamond took the beat in. The video was cute. I think the use of the different clips was clever and I am excited to see the full length version of the project that was previewed at the end. It looks dope. On another note, Malik Ferraud has stepped up his online presence. Check out his new fully interactive website here. -MinM

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