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Lucid – Poisoned Pawns (Album Review)

by Miracle

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Netherlands R&B duo Lucid ended 2014 by releasing their debut album Poisoned Pawns. The LP consists of 11 tracks including the previously featured singles: “Celebration” and “Drive Back.” Readers can check out reviews for those tracks via the above links. The project blends the genres of: R&B, Soul, Trap, and Hip-Hop. The songs are all written by the ladies themselves and contain elements of their personal lives. The production is handled by young up-and-coming talents. Continue reading to see how the premiere collective lands with the site.

“My World”

This is the very first record on the LP. The production here is hot. The booming bass-line, gritty background elements, dramatic rhythm, and intense vibe make for a striking combination. The hook is on point as well. The vocals are favorable and the lyrics are solid. The verses are good. The ladies utilize fresh melodies with a no-nonsense tone to them and pointed lyrics. They do a fine job of laying down the ground rules for any potential significant others looking to be a part of their universe. A sprinkling of noteworthy lines are: “Hold up. Before we go any further, I gotta make sure you realize. That’s right, that’s right. Baby, hold up. Stop for a minute let me take the time. Explain what it takes to be mine. That’s right, that’s right. If you want to take this s–t to the next level; you better know what it takes to take this s–t to the next level.” Those are some jazzy opening lines right there. Overall, this is a slick offering and a fly way to kick off the album.

“This One Is For You”

This number falls towards the middle of the LP. The production here is adequate. The rich foundation, expressive secondary ingredients, mid-tempo pace, and mellow vibe work agreeably together. The hook is likable. The vocals are pleasing and the lyrics are straightforward. The verses are commendable. The twosome serve up groovy harmonies and endearing lyrics. They create a very admirable ode to the special individuals in their lives. A couple of standout lines include: “Listen to what my voice is trying to tell you. Please listen close I want to make sure you know this one’s for you. Don’t you question a single thing. Just listen to this and hear me sing this one for you.” The affection emanating from those words right there is touching and would appeal to anyone on the receiving end of them. All in all, this is a charming selection.

“Stranger To Me”

The production here is kosher. It is comprised of: a subtle base, complimentary supporting details, a slower gait, and a laid back vibe. The hook is of a first-rate quality. The vocals are polished and the lyrics are engaging. The verses are conventional. The divas disperse grounded vocals and vivid lyrics. They go through the motions of what it’s like having someone come into your life and change it unexpectedly. A snippet from their reflection includes: “Now my understanding runs deeper than deep. Down to the roots, to the core of being me, just me. Boy you stripping me of my mask. I’m so pleased with you taking me for who I am. Tonight, that’s right, candles, light it up. Light it up.” Those are some weighty sentiments right there with just hint of a grown & sexy aura thrown into the mix. As a whole, this record is a treasure.

**My Two Cents: Poisoned Pawns is an efficient debut. The production is very distinct and unique. So none of the tracks mirror each other. Which is always a good look. The content is decent. The ladies of Lucid provide spot on executions whether singing or rhyming. And the hooks are pretty tight as well. The lyrics could be just a tad more well rounded and intricate though. But I think in the grand scheme of things that it’s a fair LP that readers will enjoy listening to. So go ahead and click that play button. Poisoned Pawns is also currently available on iTunes for those who may be interested in purchasing a copy. -MinM

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