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Level Next Music Presents – Making The Mixtape: My Level Is Next Volume 2 (Episode 9)

by Miracle

(Photo By LevelNextMusic.Com)

It’s getting down to the wire for the Making The Mixtape: My Level Is Next Volume 2 web series. The series has already reached episode 9. This episode is labeled “The Studio.” So of course it features footage of the Level Next Music team in the place where all of the magic happens. Give it a glance below.


The episode launches with a glimpse of K.W.O.E (Endiskize) in the studio working sonically on a few tracks with some feedback from Ajonra (Level Next Music VP). The song that stands out the most is the one used for the web series’ theme/opening. Additionally K.W.O.E is shown: in the booth, working out, and more. His segment wraps with rehearsal scenes featuring his Level Next Music mate Erica Franklin. The two are prepping to perform live together for the first time. There were some admitted pre-rehearsal jitters but the duo appeared to be doing just fine. The other portion of the episode features everyone’s favorite R&B singer Taylor Mallory. Taylor is seen sharpening the sound on a few tracks as well. Also viewers get to catch him doing some vocal work, recording, and practicing for some live performing of his own. The episode closes down with a montage of clips as Ajonra speaks on the journey of the mixtape process so far and future things to come. She even gives fans a fun new catch phrase: “L’s up for Level Next.” In the end, this was another hit episode.

**My Two Cents: It was cool to see everyone doing their thing in the studio. I really like the fact that K.W.O.E and Taylor are so hands on with all aspects of their music. Of course its always a good thing to see artists rehearsing and perfecting their craft too. It shows that they are serious about their music. And if the song played towards the end of the episode by Taylor does not make the cut for the mixtape, I am going to be super upset (lol). That has winner written all over it. The series isn’t over with just yet. Catch the new episode here or at the Level Next Music site. -MinM

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