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Klassik – “Light” (Video)

by Miracle

a2615256157_10(Photo By Band Camp)

One of Milwaukee’s favorite producers – turned rapper (turned singer) Klassik has dropped a new video for “Light,” off his latest release Young Rising Phenoms (YRP). Let’s examine the dope visual for the genre blending joint.

First, the track itself is an amazing piece, pulling from Pop, a bit of Funk, and lacing in Hip-Hop. The bass line just will not quit and pulled me right in. The bass is accompanied by piano and what sounds like a high pitch synth/organ melody alternating with it. The drums/percussion have a rich, realistic sound to them, which is a nice alternative to the often used 808s. To top it off, everything is neatly woven together with an airy synth pad in the background.

The vocals are also top notch and show growth in Klassik’s range and abilities. The song tells a story about a lost guy searching for his lost light, a metaphor for a special lady and also alludes to being “trippy.” Though Klassik has dope bars in the rap verse, its really all about that crazy good chorus: “I can’t find my light. Higher than an airplane. And we can go wherever you want.” Its clear the focus of this joint wasn’t Hip-Hop, but its groovy nonetheless.

Klassik puts on the director hat here too with filming and editing assistance from fellow 414 talent Tone Bone aka $killz. Being distracted during his search for a way to light his cigarette, Klassik ends up on a quest to meet a mysterious woman in a pure white dress. This speaking to the idea of Klassik needing a light both literally and figuratively. Additionally, we see him being drenched in black  and darker shots in contrast to his luminous female co-star (which again speaks to both sides of the metaphor). The strobe-lit scenes are a nice touch too. This video is done sans color and while I am not a fan of the black & white filter on music videos unless it’s REALLY needed, it works in this production.

**Final Thoughts: Overall, this was a great record with a great visual to match. The track was hella creative as well as the video AND it did it’s job. Music videos/visuals need to make me want to hear & see more from that artist and after previously sleeping on YRP, I’m about to “keep it classic” and go check it out now. -Real McCoy

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