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Klassik – “Late2TheParty”

by Miracle

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“Late2TheParty” (listen/download)

Now that things have settled down a little bit, Milwaukee emcee Klassik has started to put things in motion for his next LP. It has been named Time Of Our Lives and boasts a companion film experience. It is marked for release sometime in 2014. To kick off the road to the new album Klassik dropped it’s first single, “Late2TheParty.” The song is described as focusing on the theme of trying to obtain love from an elusive individual. It features the tale of Klassik going after one such female. He transitions from very hopeful and endearing to blunt and reflective. However, he never gives up. He feels that with the right opportunity, he can win over the lady he has his eye on. So his quest is extremely difficult but not futile.

The production here is relishable.  The variety of instruments, trendy rhythm, and esthetic vibe serve as the perfect soundtrack to Klassik’s pursuit of love. The hook is enchanting. Klassik has silvery vocals at work and the lyrics are stimulating. The verses are of piquant nature. Klassik exudes a cordial flow, dashing wordplay, and persistent rhymes. He definitely conveys the mindset of a man on a mission. A couple of memorable lines include: “I know you see me clamoring for all your affection. Looking for a little more than my next erection. On my Ryan Leslie. Your next selection is what I’m trying to be with all this time that I’m investing. But the bouncer at the door told me that I couldn’t get into the party with the s–t that I was dressed in. Check the guest list. Cause under class men I guarantee you that it read fresh man.” Those are some rejuvenating bars laced with slick wordage. Overall, this is a model choice for a lead single.

**My Two Cents: This was a great offering. The exploration of the theme was attention grabbing and the production was a perfect match. Also, it’s not a typical debut style track. So it was an out of the box move by Klassik. But it certainly worked in his favor. I think his fans will love it. Join Klassik on the trek to his new album by keeping up with his website. -MinM

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