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King Gamble – “Girls Love Beyonce Remix”

by Miracle

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“Girls Love Beyonce Remix” (listen/download)

King Gamble has decided to start a song campaign. Every week on Sound Cloud, he is releasing a new single. The songs will drop every Sunday evening. He has dubbed the venture the Best Of 7 Series. The campaign will run for seven weeks and include a total of seven songs. The first release of the new effort is a remake of “Girls Love Beyonce” by Drake and James Fauntleroy. He kept the original beat which is a very polished number with a fabulous vibe. He also retained the original hook. Which was a great decision. James Fauntleroy slays and it would be hard to find somebody to top him. The verses are where King Gamble shines at. He brings an alluring flow, flirty wordplay, and plauditory rhymes. He even flexes his singing chops a little bit for the breaks. He lays out an intriguing scenario involving a female that has caught his attention. A handful of worthy lines are: “But she could be the one for tonight. Girl I see ya flirting. Gawking at my kick game. Heel game is on point. I need some medicine for her sick frame. Baby girl is no good. Got my feelings repossessed. But I’m writing this right now. And I got her head all on my chest.” Tactfully put together form of expression right there. All in all, this was a dignified remix.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was a pretty solid take on the original record. I feel Gamble definitely made it his own and that is the key to any cover of a song. I’m curious to hear what he has coming in the rest of the weeks for the Best Of 7 Series. To find out, make sure to keep up with his Sound Cloud and or follow him on Twitter. -MinM

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