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Kal’L Presents: The Love & Loss Saga (Part 3 – “Fly Away” Video)

by Miracle


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R&B singer / songwriter Kal’L and his The Love & Loss Saga are continuing to make waves as part three was recently released. Part three includes his single “Fly Away” and features rapper Kiza Sosay. The track was previously reviewed on the site and served as the buzz single for the EP. The video picks up right where the last one left off and contains some fresh new faces for viewers to enjoy. See what all unfolds after the break.

Rich P and his company Elite Film Group did the camera work for this video. Kal’L reprised his role as script writer / director. And the fellas edited the video as a joint venture. The storyline comes in as Kal’L is leaving from confronting his wife about her affair. Upon exiting their meeting place he bumps into a young lady who happens to be having relationship troubles of her own. She goes by Adi. The plot follows the two as Kal’L tries to win Adi over by treating her how she deserves to be treated vs. how she is actually being handled by her current boyfriend. Her boyfriend is played by Kiza Sosay.  Sosay is too busy trying to pick up another girl to notice Adi being swept off of her feet by the superman of R&B. The other woman that caught Sosay’s attention is played by none other than Lady SabO. She’s dolled up in a way that viewers aren’t going to believe. She looks great. The visuals conclude with Kal’L taking Adi home after she has once again been let down by Kiza. The two share a sweet good bye and then the screen gives way to another “to be continued” message. Overall, this was an immense offering.

**My Two Cents: Of the three videos, this one is my favorite so far. I love the co-stars, everyone played their roles to the letter. What an unexpected yet refreshing appearance from Lady SabO. She should do the girly thing more often. And the film really embodied the lyrics of the record. That is always a crucial factor to any video. Salute to everybody involved with this venture. Part four of the saga drops on the 25th of this month and I hear its going to be a bit grown & sexy. How exciting! Be sure to stay tuned! -MinM

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