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Kal’L – Love & Loss (EP Review)

by Miracle

 (Photo By Kal’L)

 “Fly Away” (previous review)

Love & Loss (preview/purchase)

October marks a big month for R&B singer Kal’L. His debut EP Love & Loss is scheduled to drop on the 23rd. In relation to the EP, there will be videos released for every single. The first one will drop in November and the rest will continue on in the new year. The set of visuals will be connected to tell a story. Sounds pretty interesting. Let’s dive into a few tracks and get an idea of what said story may entail.


The production here is boss. It contains a svelte core, well blended instrumentation, and an informal vibe. The hook is emotive. The vocals have a sorrowful tone to them and the lyrics are revelatory. The verses are reputable. Kal’L provides well controlled even vocals and descriptive lyrics. He takes the listener through the unfortunate yet all too familiar motions of dealing with an unfaithful lover. Prior to the climax of the song he divulges: “I just got off the phone with you. Talked to my babies. Told ’em daddy’s gone be home soon. I had to lie and say I’m away. I think today’s the day that I’m gone finally learn the truth. I am parked in front of our home. But you think I’m in some distant hotel room. And you’re wearing the lingerie I bought for our wedding day. You should be spending the night alone.” That’s a cumbersome situation to be stuck in. Overall, this is an exemplary offering. Great sample of the story-telling element that Kal’L prides himself on.

“Whisper” F/ Qewl Miles

The production here is savory. The settled bass line and silky musical components create a sultry vibe. The hook is of an intermediate quality. The vocals are unblemished and fine as is. The lyrics could have been a little more adventurous though. The song already has a slightly racy theme to it. So a more daring hook would have strengthened the theme and spiced things up a bit. The verses are kosher. Kal’L goes in on the first two verses with fetching vocals and suggestive lyrics. Qewl Miles leaves his mark on the third with an exquisite flow and creditable rhymes. The fellas get their grown and sexy on as they sound off on relinquishing control in the bedroom for one night only. A few lines worth mentioning from Kal’L are: “Listen close cause the rules are about to change. Don’t be alarmed even though this might sound strange. But I want you to bury your face in the pillow. Show me how long you can go without making a sound or saying my name.” Intense imagery being painted within those words. In the end, this is a solid track. The hook needs a little tweaking but it would still make for a fitting addition on any late night soundtrack.

**My Two Cents: Love & Loss is a divine and very thorough project. Kal’L gets major props for covering such a versatile set of topics in just five songs. Also, he really flexed his singing and songwriting abilities as well. He had praise worthy production and guest appearances too. My only critique is that the lyrics could have been jazzed up a bit here and there. They are high quality as is but if Kal’L really let himself go they would be even better. As a whole though, I enjoyed the EP and I think fans of authentic R&B music will dig it too. Love & Loss is now available to the public. So hit up Band Camp and give it an ear. Readers can also show Kal’L support by liking his page on Facebook. -MinM

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