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Kal’L – “Lies”

by Miracle

(Photo By Kal’L)


“When the person whose heart you thought you owned … Whose words you thought were true … Whose feelings you thought were real turn out not to be … You come to a conclusion … Real eyes … Realize … Real LIES!”Kal’L / That is the crafty description used to explain Kal’L’s latest release in his campaign. This week’s number is a bit on the tearjerker side but it still packs a certain allure.

The production here is appropriate. The sensational foundation partnered with the featherweight instrumentation really exudes the theme of the track. The hook is apt. The vocals have a grief stricken tone to them and the lyrics are powerful. It is a very compelling reflection of the song’s concept. However, the vocals do get a little lost in the production. So if the beat was taken down a notch; the hook would pack even more of a punch. The verses are precise. Kal’L supplies rueful yet upstanding vocals in his signature falsetto key. His lyrics are pretty black and white but the inclusion of the pre-hook helps to bring the synopsis of the song to life. So the structure was well done. Kal’L also effectively establishes the difference between an illusion and reality. He deplores: “You told me you loved me. That we would be happy. Long lasting love. Sent from above. You were the one for me. Or so I thought. But I was just for fun. No one could compare to the things you’ve done.” Those words create a miserable conclusion for any person to have to deal with in their relationship. In the end, this song is meritorious. The vocals could have been a little more solid but it’s perfect for those moments when love is giving you the blues.

**My Two Cents: I found this to be a fair track. The production was well chosen for the nature of the single and Kal’L provided decent lyrics. The vocals just needed to be a tad more balanced with the beat. On another note, Kal’L is just 12 short days way from releasing his Love & Loss EP. So stay checking for details on how to cop the project. Additionally, Collaboration Month is fast approaching. Be on the lookout for an upcoming special video that breaks down all the details and goodies surrounding the biggest collaboration movement in the city. And don’t forget to visit Kal’L on Facebook. -MinM

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