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Illuminati Roundtable: Mrs. Carter Doesn’t Disappoint Chicago

by Pooh Bailey


(Photo Courtesy of Beyonce.Com)

The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour made a stop at the United Center in Chicago this past Thursday. Sasha Fierce, Baddie Bey, Third Ward Trill, BB. Homemaker, Bey, Mrs. Carter, and Beyonce all showed up and showed out. Between the lights, singing, dancing, flying, and all around awesomeness, Beyonce did not disappoint. Let me start from the beginning. The show started at 8pm, so me and The Illixer’s editor-in-chief MinM, arrived at about 7:20pm. Due to a little a ticket trouble, we were almost about to miss the show. However, luck is a lady who cares. So as MinM and I rushed to our seats, we hear the show starting. But it wasn’t Beyonce. It was her opening act, Grammy nominated R&B singer, Luke James. Luke was giving the crowd a Marvin Gaye and Maxwell martini. I must say I enjoyed it. He has a nice voice and amazing stage presence. I would pay to see him perform again (no more than $20 though). His set lasted until about 8:30. Next up was the DJ. He did his thing with crowd pleasing songs. Let me just add that rhythm-less people don’t care that you know that they’re rhythm-less, they’re just trying to have a good time.

Now it’s time for the main event. At 9:15pm, the curtain goes up and a LED displays the intro to what later would be a wonderful night. Beyonce literally pops up on stage and starts the show off with “Run the World (Girls).” Every man, woman, and child are on their feet as strobe lights flashed and fairy dust (or whatever it was) spills from the ceiling. During the show Beyonce had not one, not two, but nine wardrobe changes. Each outfit is just as flashy as the last with a great mixture of Tina Turner and Vegas show girls. As Beyonce ran through her decade plus list of hits, here are a few of the highlights.

  1.  Adding a twist to old songs: “Crazy in Love,” “Single Ladies,” and “Baby Boy” are all classic Beyonce records, of which every fan knows every word and dance move. However, Beyonce gave each song a different twist. “Crazy in Love” got a New Orleans bounce added to it with a dance called ‘onion Booty.’ The Jefferson’s theme song gave “Single Ladies” a very different ending. While “Baby Boy” went deeper into the islands where they ‘whine ya waist.’
  2.  She doesn’t just sing, she flies: Well really but not really but really. Strapped to a harness, Queen B flies from the main stage to the ‘B’ stage and back again. There’s nothing like your favorite artist just gliding above you.   
  3. The Beyhive came to party: I’ve been to plenty of concerts where half way through the show, the crowd dies. Oh not a Beyonce show and definitely not the Beyhive (what Beyonce stans are called). Everybody in that building got their life and more. And shout out to the middle aged white man that was in front of me who pulled a Carlton, when “Irreplaceable” and “Love on Top” came on.
  4. Dance Dance Revolution: For those who think Beyonce is just a pop her booty dancer, think again. During the two hour show, Beyonce gave us every move from Bob Fosse to Brenda from up the street. One minute its Alvin Ailey dance studio. The next it’s the New York subway platform. Some moves could easily be mimicked, while others you just had to watch.
  5.    Mic, Light, Fan: Anybody can give a show with flashing lights and mesmerizing dance moves. However, how many people could just stand there and sing? Not many. When Beyonce wasn’t bugging out on the dance floor or flying into the crowd, she was just singing. No pre-recorded vocals or no hardcore dance moves. It was just her, her microphone, a spotlight, and her signature fan. This was the best part to me. Beyonce standing center stage, just singing live.

The show ended a little past 11pm. When I tell you no one wanted it to end, no one wanted it to end. Even boyfriends, who were dragged to the show by their girlfriends, didn’t want it to end. The only downside to this show was the costumes change every two songs. She should change it to four. Other than that; this show was worth every penny and more. If you haven’t seen her show you should. Mrs. Carter does not disappoint. And if you missed her when she was in or near your city, no worries she’s doing it all over again starting in November. And remember “Girls Love Beyonce” and so will you after two hours with Third Ward Trill. -Pooh Bailey

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