justin-bieber-2014(Photo Courtesy Of Google Images)

 “Everybody wants to be a n—-a, but nobody wants to be a n—a.”Paul Mooney

Well it seems our friend from the north has a few jokes for the people he’s making money off of. Earlier in the week, TMZ released a video of a 14 year old Justin Bieber saying jokes that you would find at your local KKK rally. If that wasn’t enough, TMZ released the second video. The second video has young Justin singing about joining the KKK and killing a well you know. Here’s the thing I don’t know what I’m more disgusted at, Justin Bieber’s antics or the black people caping for him.

So let me state this off top, in my opinion Justin Bieber behind closed doors is a racist. If it were just the jokes I would say ‘we all make off-colored remarks behind closed doors.’ But it wasn’t just the jokes. By the way, Justin’s father didn’t get into his life until after he got rich. So that Father’s Day joke applies to him too. Just a little tidbit. The video of him wanting to join the KKK and wanting to kill a Black person makes him a racist. Wanting to join a hate group and murder a different race isn’t funny. Where’s the joke? All I see is a privileged White boy making numerous racist jokes to his White friends. So I’m sorry. He can sag his jeans, talk with a hood accent, hang with Lil This and Young That, sing Pop/R&B music, but at the end of the day he’s a racist. But this article isn’t all about him, it’s also about you ‘Captain Save A Biebers.’

So let me get this straight, Bieber isn’t a racist because he has a hood pass? Because he was young then? Bieber has a hood pass so it’s okay for him to want to hunt you down. It’s okay for him to use the N-word so fluently. The folks who hand out this hood pass are dumbasses. A quick example of hood passes gone awry: Pink, Aaron Carter, Justin Timberlake (sorry but Superbowl), Miley Cyrus. Don’t you see? These folks use the Hip-Hop culture and when they finally get what they want, deuces. I mean does Pink even perform any song from that first album?

The next excuse is ‘he was young then.’ Justin was 14 in 2008. Not 1968. Not 1988. In 2008, people were more politically correct then say in 1948. 1948? Yes in 1948, Donald Sterling was 14 years old. You know Donald Sterling. The old racist L.A. Clippers owner who is being forced to sell his team after he said racial remarks. Folks screamed and hollered for Sterling to lose his team for saying something that was okay to say in the world he grew up in. But we should let Bieber slide because he didn’t know no better. He was 14, that’s the 8th grade. He knew better. And it’s funny but age and not knowing any better only applies to White males.

Look Justin Bieber is a racist in Gucci Mane’s clothing. Sorry but not sorry. But to you faux-pas righteous folks, who boycott Paula Deen or Sterling while playing that new Justin Bieber and Migos track, jump off a curb. You sit there and complain behind a computer screen but you do absolutely nothing. You want equality on the Billboard Charts but will support Miley Cyrus before Fantasia. You sit there and big-up these White acts for doing Hip-Hop culture but then get upset when no Black person has had a number one song on the charts for over a year. Girl have a seat. Just remember when Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus get done using our culture as tissue paper, don’t go thumb-thugging. -Pooh Bailey