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Horus Gump – “IDGAF”

by Miracle

“Horus Gump”

The homie Rod McCoy (Audible Hustle Entertainment) is ready to light up 2018 for the South in a way that only he can. He got the ball rolling by changing up his moniker to Horus Gump. The unique new stage name is a nod to the mythical Egyptian God of the sky, the rapper’s birthplace of Montgomery (AL), and legendary film character Forest Gump. Molded by the perils he faced in life growing up, Horus developed a strong connection to spirituality which is reflected via his emotional and thought provoking art. Said art is enhanced by his ability to self evaluate, his mentality to overcome, and his past experiences with singing, instruments, & poetry. Mr. Gump has dubbed his individualized brand of music as “Ratcheous – inspirational, vibe amplifying and intertwined with an unfiltered approach (Press Release).” To give the people an idea of exactly what that means, Horus is currently pushing his debut single “IDGAF.” It is produced by Los Angeles (CA) talent Kern Deuce and is slated to appear on his upcoming EP titled Fuck Nigga Season.

The production here is legitimate. The well balanced foundation, conservative background elements, neutral tempo, and charismatic vibe make for a rewarding combination. The hook is of a quality nature. The delivery is clean cut and the lyrics are transparent. The verses are solid. Horus Gump comes through with an organic flow, blunt wordplay, and telling rhymes. He frankly addresses the shady antics that transpire within the underground music scene of the ATL and the individuals behind said antics. An example of which includes: “Appetite for destruction. We can sacrifice the discussion. I ain’t packing light but I’m busting. Keep a trump card for the rushing. It’s f–k n—a season. F–k n—a season. F–k n—a season. I thought they was trill. Found out they was lame. That’s got to be treason. So f–k the appeasing. F–k the appealing, I got to decease ’em.” I think all of us who work in the music business have experienced situations/people that elicit similar feelings to that of those being expressed by Mr. Gump in those lines right there. As a whole, this is a memorable way for Horus Gump to make his grand re-entrance into the Hip-Hop world.

**My Two Cents: It’s always exciting when an artist decides to switch things up a bit. I was a huge fan of Rod McCoy and it looks like I am going to be just as fond of him as Horus Gump. “IDGAF” is set to an ideal production and the concept is relative. The music industry is full of fraudulence and can bring out the worst in people. Just got to be very careful not to get caught up in the shenanigans. I think readers will certainly agree and thus will appreciate this record. So go ahead and follow that link at the start of the post. The Fuck Nigga Season EP is due out next month and I for one can’t wait to hear more truth/realness. -MinM

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