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Don Ether – “Ride This Vibe”

by Miracle
“Ride This Vibe” (Listen Here)

Don Ether (Milwaukee/Los Angeles) is another artist who has been hard at work sharpening his craft and improving on his consistency while we’ve been away. He reached out to the site to give us a taste of his progress so far and we enjoyed it so much that we had to share it with our supporters. Continue reading below for our take on “Ride This Vibe.”

“Ride This Vibe” is produced by Yondo. The production here is of an A-1 quality. The relaxed base, sleek supporting details, median tempo, and calming vibe all work perfectly together. The hook is very likable. The delivery is distinctive and the lyrics are catchy. The verses are solid. Don Ether arms himself with a subtle flow, seamless wordplay, and pointed rhymes. He establishes an air of focus that truly captures the listener. For example he discloses: “I ain’t really with that hype. I ain’t really with those guys. I just wanna write my rhymes. Eating my humble pie. Gotta come and see my mama. Man she really got my spine. Taught me self-express. Taught me how to love my mind.” Those are some weighted opening bars right there. As a whole, this is a legitimate showing.

**My Two Cents: I love following an artist as they progress in their craft. Don Ether is definitely growing and getting better with every new release. “Ride This Vibe” is a mood for sure and I can’t wait to hear what Don has up his sleeve next. If readers feel the same, he currently has a podcast going on too. It’s called “The Talk W/ Mr. Ether” and it is available on Spotify. Be sure to check it out. -MinM

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