Chinatown Artwork(Photo By Allen Arango)

Defe”Chinatown” (listen/download)

Defcee has released another promotional cut for his pending album Damn Near Grown and was kind enough to share it with the site. This time around he worked with Chicago based production crew OnGaud. The collective put together a track titled “Chinatown.” The song title is reflective of the 1974 crime drama of the same name. The beat also contains a sample from the film’s score. The production turned out favorably. It is comprised of a smooth drum heavy foundation, hushed secondary components, measured gait, and an ambiguous vibe. It is said that the beat is set to mirror the mysterious nature of the film. Safe to say mission accomplished. The hook is fresh. The delivery is engaging and the lyrics are inventive. They paint a vivid image of the single’s theme for the listener: “And they don’t get enough. Rip & run, give it up. Make the music that we love. Let ’em down. Beat ’em up. Then they put ’em in the system on they own. Leave ’em stuck. And we don’t even care if someone else a treat ’em rough.” That’s a weighted train of thought to process.

The verses are intelligent. Defcee exhibits an unyielding flow, serious wordplay, and winning rhymes. “Chinatown” is meant to convey the relationship between the older well known rappers & teachers in Chicago and the younger generation. The interaction between the two groups is not necessarily depicted in the most positive of lights. Peep it as Defcee spits: “And you find your idols through the power of a seance. Ain’t trying to die at 27 like Jimmy, or Janis, or Amy, or Kurt. That ain’t the aim of my work. Like missing her face and then staining her skirt. Homie I’m turning this paper to hearse. Making it plain as the prayer in church.” One has to respect the depth of those lines. All in all, this is another superb offering from the Illinois native.

**My Two Cents: I love Hip-Hop with substance and this song is the epitome of that. Defcee murdered the beat and the OnGaud team slaughtered the production as well. The content was grim yet stimulating. Readers should hit play on this one for sure. I’m getting more and more excited to hear Damn Near Grown in November. Guess that means the promo is working. Salute to Defcee for another job well done. -MinM