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Da Queen F/ Kia Rap Princess – “S.W.A.G.”

by Miracle

“S.W.A.G.” F/ Kia Rap Princess

Meet the newest addition to the Blaqlizt Entertainment family, Nikki Hanson aka Da Queen. Da Queen is a teenage femcee from Milwaukee, WI. Under the guidance of Blaqlizt veteran Kia Rap Princess, the young female rapper is gearing up to take the local Hip-Hop scene by storm. Her first step in doing so is this insane collaboration with her mentor. The production here is ill. The heavy bass line with the drum style kick creates an intense hood vibe. The hook is winning too. Kia brings her easy going flow with simple yet captivating lyrics. The verses are of superior quality as well. Nikki kicks things off on the first half of the track and Kia comes in on the second part. Both ladies came with dope flows, crafty wordplay, and flawless rhymes.  They do an excellent job of showing off their own individual swag, making the listener want to step their own game up. Peep Da Queen as she spits: “Flow so incredible, Blaqlizt Ent. If you seeing dollar signs then I bet you watching me. And my swag got more flavor then a tropical smoothie. Fresh when I hit the scene like I’m directing a movie. And you know I stay fly like a bird with the wings. I hold it down for my town, that’s why they call me Da Queen.”  Those lines are a nice raw taste of what Nikki has to offer. Overall, this song is fire and a great first single for Da Queen. It will definitely grab and hold the attention of any lover of TRUE Hip-Hop. But click that link and take a listen for yourself. So now that you know Da Queen can spit, bet you want to know more about who she is, right? Well stay tuned to The Illixer for an exclusive Q&A featuring Da Queen herself.

**My Two Cents: This song goes hard, there is no denying it. Both Nikki and Kia came with their A game. And with Nikki being so young that just makes it more impressive. A while back Kia said that she was grooming Da Queen to one day take over the throne. If Nikki keeps up the good work and allows her craft to grow and improve, I couldn’t think of a better successor. Welcome to Blaqlizt Queen, proud to have you on the team! -MinM

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