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Cinco & Diaz – “Take Off”

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

‘Take Off”

Remember Cinco? He is the Experimental Hip-Hop emcee on the rise here in Milwaukee. It’s been a few months since his first feature on the site but he is back with new music. This time he is joined by Diaz, a member of his Team Nameless crew. What readers should keep in mind when listening to this track is that, it was completely created by Cinco & Diaz themselves from the comfort of their home. And it turned out pretty fresh for a homemade track. The production is good but unique. It has an uptempo pace, a variety of different sounds, and a Rock vibe at work. The hook is on point. The delivery is animated and  the lyrics are entertaining. The verses are quality too. The duo both were on top of their game. They came with high spirited flows, quick wordplay, and intriguing rhymes. They leave no doubt in the listener’s mind that they have a strong belief in their talents and future success. Some noteworthy lines include: “Took a little break. But now I’m back at it hungry. So can you point me to the plates. Eat it up, eat it up, trying to satisfy my appetite. It doesn’t make you a rapper just because you on the mic. So I’m here to lay these tracks right. And I’m in front, so you’ll be plenty used to my backside.”  Those are some pretty cleverly constructed lines. In the end, this cut is cool. The beat and the content are very artistic. Cinco & Diaz did a nice job of creating a really distinctive song. But please let your own ears be the judge and check out the song on Sound Cloud via the provided link.

**My Two Cents: I liked this song a lot. Not your typical Hip-Hop joint but Cinco & Diaz did their thing. And the fact that they did everything themselves from home, makes it that much more impressive. Hope to be hearing more in the near future from Cinco and his crew. -MinM

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