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Christ B & Moses – Odyssey (EP Review)

by Miracle

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Odyssey (listen/download)

Back in April, Higher Education Records’ artist Christ B began to set the tone for his new EP with the release of the video for his song “Recognition.” The video got some positive feedback and thus excitement began to build for the project. Well the wait is over. Last month, Christ B and Moses officially dropped the Odyssey EP for their fans’ listening pleasure. Get an idea of what the seven song project has to offer after the jump.


The production here is on point. It contains a gentle knock, a mid-tempo pace, and a relaxed vibe. The hook is decent. The vocals have a nice harmony to them, the rapped portion is catchy, and the lyrics are fine. However, it is a little hard to hear the hook clearly. So turning it up just a notch would make it a lot more effective. The verses are fresh. Christ B has a crystal clear flow, witty wordplay, and good rhymes. He takes the listener on an interesting trip via his clever manipulation of words and metaphors. Peep it as he spits: “Burying the hurt in the cloudiest of tombs. As soon as you consume the fumes to let go. Find the mental flow and where the angels’ garden grows. Dose atop the tongue. Now the journey’s just begun. Must have had the mind racing and the spirit on the run. Heart skipping to a drum. It was a mind state mastered. Closer to God then the cable network pastor.” One of a kind lines right there. Overall this song is a hit and a very intriguing way to open up the EP.


The production here is of high quality. It features some instrumentation, light sound effects, and an old school vibe. There is no hook here, just mention of the title at the beginning of the track. However, using a hook or some type of break in the middle of the song would have been beneficial. As is, the rhyming on this cut is a little on the faster side and there is a lot being said. So it’s difficult to take in everything all at once. A hook or break would allow the listener more time to appreciate the lyrics. Otherwise, the continuous verse is great. The speedy flow is engaging and the lyrics are top notch. Christ B once again hits the listener hard with his unique way with words and symbolism. Memorable lines include: “Notebooks are dope zip-locked in my backpack. With the type of potency that causes acid flashbacks. Tired of these whack cats? I can spare a page or two. Intensely introverted and I ain’t got much to say to you.  Own my own obstacles to prove that I’m unstoppable. Breaking mental barriers. Disproving the impossible.” Sick way for Christ B to describe his skills and music. All in all, this song is definitely worth putting into rotation. One just has to be sure to pay close attention while it’s playing.


This song serves as a bonus track on the EP. The production here is fair. The rhythmic style and upbeat vibe are very pleasing to the ears. However, there is a slight skipping effect done on the beat that is not so enjoyable. It interrupts the flow of things. The production on this cut would be better suited as a completely smooth number. The hook is flawless. The delivery is clean and easy going. The lyrics are simple yet they leave an impression. The verses are dope. Christ B has a charismatic flow and first rate rhymes. He does an excellent job of giving the listener a little bit of insight into who he is as a person. Check it as he shares: “Last time this happened, I think about my therapist. There was this vibe. She had this allure. Almost had me convinced that this earth is not manure. But I’m pretty sure she played into my vices. Gently stroked my ego to help avert the crisis. Alright Miss, I’m a finish up and jet. That’s just the gypsy in me. I don’t mean no disrespect. But where do I go and where would I stay?” Crafty imagery going on right there. In the end, this song is another hit and the favorite off of the album.

**My Two Cents: I enjoyed the Odyssey. Moses put together some wonderful sounds and Christ B complimented them with skilled lyricism. The project could use a minor tweak here and there but as a whole it’s a gratifying effort. Especially when considering the fact that it’s only Christ B’s second EP. I think people who are fans of other Higher Education Records‘ artists or who happen to like intellectual Hip-Hop will appreciate the Odyssey. It’s an album with the potential to stimulate both the ears and the mind. But give it a listen via the provided link and experience it for yourself. -MinM

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