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Biddl3 – “Drop That”

by Miracle

(Photo By AudioMack.Com)

“Drop That” (listen/download)

Biddl3 aka Biddle Wit A Trey is a budding artist repping Milwaukee while getting his education on in Minnesota. He is attending the University of Minnesota and majoring in Marketing. He has two main goals while attending college. There is the traditional goal, to advance his knowledge / skills in order to better his life and hopefully receive a decent paying job. And then his other plan is to help create a promotional platform for his music. So ultimately he will be able to maintain a living while going after his dreams. Pretty smart strategy.

About mid-way through last month, he released a new single titled “Drop That.” The song was produced by Klever and will be featured on an upcoming project that has yet to be named. The production here is top notch. It consists of a full bass, breezy background elements, and a street vibe. The hook is fine. The delivery is melodic and the lyrics are plainspoken. The verses are proper. Biddl3 offers up a versatile flow, up to par wordplay, and satisfactory rhymes. He sheds some light on his feelings about: his career, the industry, haters, and more. Noteworthy lines include: “Pennies for your thoughts. Yeah I be going Abraham. See you got them ill feelings when I hit unfollow. But I choose healthy views. I know it’s a pill to swallow. I don’t need that. Trying to stretch my bread man and I need that. You saying you at the top and got that spot locked up. I freed that. Believe that.” There is some sharp spitting going on in those lines. All in all, this song is legit.

**My Two Cents: Biddl3 has a nice style about him. I like how he constantly switches up his flow and his lyrical abilities are on point as well. This song is worth a listen. Readers should definitely give it an ear. For more with Biddl3 check him out on YouTube and Twitter. -MinM

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