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Rockz Solid – “We Will Eat Of The Earth” (Poem)

by Miracle

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Recently, the south-side’s own Rockz Solid unveiled another talent of hers to the world. Said talent happened to be writing poetry. She was hit with the desire to flex her pen in the expressive creative medium and has been churning out pieces ever since. The spirit was probably ignited by her new found passion for online spoken word visuals like the flicks released by company The Strivers Row. Being a regular affiliate of the site, she was nice enough to shoot one of her works over for readers to enjoy. Though fairly new to this realm of writing, Rockz brings a forward abstract style that is sure to be relished by all poets alike. 

“We Will Eat Of The Earth”

(Poem By Rockz Solid)

There was a time when bare skin was our clothing and we ate of the Earth.
When family talked around fireplace and the sun and stars were our only light.
Despite the nature of our humanity we thought deep as Socrates.
We painted hieroglyphics on walls… built pyramids centuries since will not fall
We mastered philosophy and taught out of synagogues.
Prophesied of the future compared past similarities…
Pharisees walked with arrogance and peasants loved like soft slippers.
Quicker than any wild animal we ran through grassy fields.
We wore crowns of baby breath flowers….
And walked in smooth handmade leather sandals.
Handled horses with care and rode them through our towns
We… frowned… at those Pharisees…
Jesus frowned at those Pharisees.

A man humble he came birthed as the dirt we trot on…
He came pure as crystal clear rivers…
And I live pure as crystal clear rivers…
But… you don’t see that…
Because your eyes are blind with your own convictions…
So you shove all them down our throats… hoping we’d choke … in your own convictions.
You say evaluate your life, and check the message of expression
Sometimes expression speaks silent and you cannot hear…
Sometimes expression speaks loud… and you cannot understand the yells…
My yells.
See, Jesus didn’t come to judge, yet you judge.
Jesus didn’t come to seek death… Just his own.
Seek your own.
‘Cause I want to take your self-righteous attitude and shove it down your throat… Hoping you’d choke…
And never be able to once again speak those words in which you spoke…
And maybe then you will realize…
There will be a time when bare skin is once again our clothing and we will eat of the Earth.

© Rockz Solid © 2013

This piece has a clean structure and flow to it with an abstract pattern. The pattern is due to the fact that it’s not written in rhyme, placing it along the lines of a free-verse. The body of the poem is filled with profound vivid imagery and spiritual undertones. It is based on the idea of the simpler liberated origins of mankind versus the tainted sanctimonious state that exists in today’s world. And the belief that one day everything will return back to it’s initial unadulterated form. The second half of the writing is the highlight of the creation. The heightened emotional tone really jumps out at the reader and drives home the theme of the selection. The wording is truly compelling. Overall, this is a quality thought-provoking read.

**My Two Cents: I love when an artist can utilize their talent in a variety of different ways. So I was very excited to discover that Rockz was trying her hand at poetry. She was a little nervous about the proper approach but I dig her free-verse style. You can tell that her poems come from deep within and that she puts some consideration into them. Which is what counts. I found this particular piece to be very intriguing and unique. I liked the spiritual references and the sharp sentiments presented in the second half. I think Rockz is going to fit in just fine with the rest of the poetry world. For more of her pieces, be sure to visit her blog-site. -MinM

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Carrie Manson December 10, 2013 - 6:41 am

Rockz is.and will continue to be lyrically amazing!!! Love


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