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“DJ Itchin” (previous review)

VersaStyles (iTunes)

South-side queen Rockz has finally hit the world with her first official solo album VersaStyles. The LP consists of ten total tracks, including popular single “DJ Itchin.” Additionally, the project includes production from some of Milwaukee’s best producers and guest appearances by some of the 414’s more promising talents. The Illixer got a chance to preview the collective via an exclusive release event. Discover a few of the songs that left lasting impressions and more after the break.

“Unpopular Truths” (Sound Cloud)

King Cezar is in the zone at the moment. He just recently blessed his followers with one of his infamous CezMixes. He grabbed fellow Milwaukee spitter CT and the pair took on a joint by West Coast veteran rapper Nipsey Hussle called “Famous Lies & Unpopular Truths.” They utilized the latter half of the original title for the name of their remix. Get the rundown on the remake after the break.

Puer Reges (My Mixtapez)

“Puer Reges” (previous review)

Milwaukee collective First Class officially dropped their highly anticipated EP, Puer Reges, a little while back. It’s a six song project which includes the popular title track. The Illixer will dive into a couple of additional records to give readers an idea of what the mini album is all about. Go beyond the break and continue reading.