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2017 Top 5 New Artists: Deni Rosa

by Pooh Bailey


Deni Rosa

Meet New York’s own Deni Rosa. She began her singing career as a child singing in her grandmother’s church and starring in school plays and choral ensembles. Since the tender age of two, she’s had a profound love for music and could be seen watching recorded music videos as well as live performances of greats such as: Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston. With additional influences stemming from other greats acts like: TLC, En Vogue, Usher, Yolanda Adams, Mary J. Blige, and Beyoncé. Deni’s style can be described as a Renaissance R&B with an Urban swag. In 2012, Deni released her first EP unDENIable receiving great reviews. Deni’s sultry smooth sound and creative concepts grab the attention of anyone that she graces with her talents making her without a doubt an electrifying newcomer in the industry.

So Why Is Deni Rosa A 2017 Top 5 New Artist?

Deni Rosa’s sultry sound is so soothing. Her sound is reminiscent of the 90’s when singers actually sang. Rosa stands out in a crowd of wannabe’s and that is what makes her the artist to look out for. The songstress’s sound isn’t the only thing that makes her noticeable. Her style makes you want to pay attention as well. Deni Rosa has it. The sound to make you listen and the style that makes you want to be her. And that is why she was chosen to be one of our new artists to look out for in 2017. -Pooh Bailey

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