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Cezar_Free_Dope-front-large(Photo By Dat Piff)

“Lion” (previous review)

Cezar (Check Chasers Mafia) officially unleashed his latest mixtape Free Dope a couple of weeks ago. The 12 track collective is meant to tide his supporters over until he drops his next major project. The tape doesn’t contain too many guest features and sees the 414 spitter experimenting with different styles to demonstrate his range. See what kind of high The Illixer gets off of the new offering after the break.

nicki-minaj-slams-miley-cyrus-for-photoshopped-anaconda-cover-art(Photo Courtesy Of Google Images)

From Kylie Jenner to Miley Cyrus, everybody wants to be a Black girl that rocks until it’s time to deal with Black girl issues. And today’s culprit is Miley Cyrus. The backstory is that rapper Nicki Minaj tweeted about how White women steal Black women’s videos and get honored for them. While Black girls rarely get recognition. Taylor Swift felt slighted and decided to argue Nicki’s idea. The back and forth continued until Taylor apologized. I was planning on writing about the whole ordeal, but then I remember that Nicki isn’t one to stick to her guns. And she later proved me right. Now lets fast forward to the upcoming New York Times interview with Hannah Montana …

11204026_1146975838651883_3617042389436659916_n(Photo By Facebook)

Unity is a word thrown pretty freely around the local music scene. But very few people take the steps to try to put said word into action. Well the ever so talented and popular Petti Hendrix (Rebel Religion) decided to make an effort to change that. He put together a two part festival with the intentions of bringing together artists, media outlets, and any other entertainment types that are doing their thing in the business. He donned it Rebel Fest after his ever growing imprint.

C31A0532_1(Photo By ER Kenta)

Detroit/Milwaukee artist ER Kenta (Rebel Religion) is currently on a mission to introduce the world to himself as a solo talent. Part of this quest is promoting a single coined “Still Love Me.” He’s putting a lot of time and effort into making sure the track is properly received, so it’s not officially released yet. However, The Illixer happen to catch him performing the record live and was gifted the chance to share it with readers.

image1(Photo By Eye Am Records)

Meet Harlem’s own Lee Cruz, an Eye Am Records artist that is ready to show the world what he’s got. However for the time being, Lee Cruz will just tell us what his last 24 hours of life would consist of over the classic Ma$e hit, “24 Hours to Live” (Featuring: Black Rob, The Lox, and DMX). From making his final cash transaction to telling his ex-girlfriend the painful truth, Cruz aims to be way more transparent than most artists. The track “XXIV” takes the listener on a very interesting ride. This track is also a part of the EYE AM series ‘Saturday Night Live Freestyles.’