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Schoolboy-q-oxymoron-deluxecover(Photo Courtesy Of Google Images)

“Women, Weed, and Weather, don’t it sound cleaver? What more can I say, Welcome to L.A.” Kendrick Lamar

In my best Varnell Hill impression, did you miss me? Well vacation is all I ever wanted, I had to get away. Now that we got that out the way, lets get back to business. I’m truly not into hype. Meaning I don’t follow the crowd. So back in February, there was a lot of hype behind Schoolboy Q’s debut album Oxymoron. And as previously stated, I don’t follow the majority. Therefore, I ignored it’s release. I ignored it not only because of hype, but due to the fact that I would be extra critical of it. Usually, I over criticize an over-hyped album. And for the most part, the album usually sucks. But then there are those albums that I fall in love with a year after its initial release. And that ladies and gentlemen is why you’re receiving an Oxymoron review over two months late. The hype has died down and I gave this LP a fair listen. I must admit I was quite impressed because I didn’t like the songs he had out. Nor do I like his guest verses. So here is a track by track review of Schoolboy Q’s debut album Oxymoron.

VE - PRESS1(Photos By Vanessa Elisha)

Remember Australian beauty Vanessa Elisha? She was last on the site when her Don’t Go EP dropped back in June. Readers can view that post here. Now she’s ready to take on 2014 in the hopes that the new year will turn out just as good if not better than her breakout year did. To help jump start her new music cycle, Vanessa Elisha recently released a fresh single coined “Midnight Swim” produced by GXNXVS.

chaz artoffcial

414 talent Qewl Miles hasn’t graced the pages of The Illixer in over a year. He’s been expanding his resume by working behind the scenes. He linked up with the one and only Philly Fly Boy to start learning the business of shooting music videos. The pair have been knocking out visuals from here to the ATL for artists such as T.I. and Trae Tha Truth, just to name a few. But Qewl has not forgotten about his music. He recently put out a brand new EP coined, ARToFFiciaL. It consists of eleven tracks and enlists guest appearances from the likes of: $killz, Lou.E Motto, Trae The Truth, etc. Take a peek after the break to discover which tunes truly gelled with the site.

The Shaded Grey EP

Cardiac Da Pulse is an artist here in Milwaukee who has been in the game now for quite some time. He reps for Red Division Music. He has worked in all aspects of the music world but is currently operating as a solo artist. As part of his solo endeavors, he is preparing to release a brand new project entitled The Shaded Grey EP. His first leak off of the EP, “Politics As Usual” was a hit amongst listeners and presented a more relaxed thoughtful side to his style. But there is alot more to the 414 emcee. To demonstrate that fact, he reached out to the site to help him break the album’s second single, “See Me Fall.” Catch the rundown on the track below.