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Snow_Tha_Product_Good_Nights_Bad_Mornings_2_The-front-large(Photo By Dat Piff)

Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover (listen/download)

Fcuk Your Plans (Come Kick It) (Tour Info)

There hasn’t been a post on Snow Tha Product in a while. So since she just let loose a brand new video, figured it was time to remedy that. The video is for her single “F–k The Rent” off of her latest mixtape, Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover. Though the tape has been out for a while now, the song is still very much so a fan favorite and it’s not hard to understand why. The silky low-pressure production coupled with the melodic hook and certified relatable bars never gets old. The message within the content is pretty timeless too. See how Snow brings her carefree anthem to the small screen after the jump.

a2123030333_10(Photo By Band Camp)

Fear Itself. (preview/purchase)

Remember CRASHprez? He appeared with Cold Medina (Higher Education Records) on the biting track “Anti.” Since that track went over well with the site, he thought readers might be interested in checking out his EP with another familiar name, *Hitmayng (RAGELIFE). The two collaborated on a project called Fear Itself. which was released via the new Catch Wreck label started by *Hitmayng. It’s a six song EP dedicated to exploring mortality, survival, and the experience of being a Black male in ‘post-racial’ America. Additionally, it serves as the label’s first official offering. Sounds pretty deep right? Continue reading past the break to see which couple of songs lingered with The Illixer long after the EP stopped playing.

Malik-Come My Way(Photo By Matt Hodin)

“Come My Way” (listen/download)

In honor of the day of love that took place in the earlier part of the month, rapper Malik Ferraud dropped a brand new set of visuals. The video is for the third single off of his upcoming untitled project. It’s been labeled “Come My Way” and was produced by someone who is no stranger to working with Malik, Black Diamond. The beat incorporates a sample of the 1998 smash hit “Swing My Way” by duo K.P. & Envyi. It also contains: a trendy bass-line, suave background components, a soulful mid-tempo pace, and a delightful vibe. It’s a pretty top of the line sound. The hook is a success too. The delivery is laid back and the lyrics are becoming. The verses are dignified. Malik serves up a purified flow, considerate wordplay, and perceptive rhymes. He dishes on his feelings for a special lady while at the same time providing a bit of insight on how he views the romantic dealings of today. Peep it as he spits: “But more importantly I’m interested within your mind. I’d rather understand ya thoughts than get between ya thighs. Why? I’m not ya typical guy. Looks can be deceiving. Beauty is extremely one of the reasons relationships are misleading. But who’s to blame? We all act the same. Women buying makeup. N—as getting new chains. All to impress. What’s really to gain? Then you get upset cause all you get is the same.” Those are some profound bars that Malik put down for the beginning of the track. As a whole, this is a prestigious selection. The video can be found after the break.

1014061_718613484838802_1376350191_n(Photo By Facebook)

414 Video Spotlight is a brand new video based program giving Milwaukee artists of all kinds the opportunity to be heard & seen in a fresh way. It airs on the local My 24 network every Saturday at midnight. It runs for about an hour and is orchestrated as well as hosted by Melvin James. Recently, the show sponsored a cypher where rappers had to prove their skills to the people via a brief video. Once the videos aired, they were placed on the show’s Facebook Page for voting/liking. There were two rounds and the winner of the entire contest was just recently announced. It turned out to be one of The Illixer‘s favorite emcees/producers/engineers, Trunk Bussa. He took the crown with 600 plus votes/likes which put him about 40 steps ahead of his competitor. He is now officially the video cypher king and will be the man to beat in the next cypher to come. He also took home a $250 cash prize. Which is pretty sweet. His first entry can be seen here and the entry that brought him to victory can be seen below.

photo 3(Photo By John Lewis The Fifth)

Florida artists John Lewis The Fifth and Deeno have sent over the follow up to their highly favored collaboration “Sikka School.” It’s entitled “Crashing Course” and it takes on a much different tone than the previous lighthearted track. Slow Architect got behind the boards on this one too. It is made up of: a booming bass, heavy old school style secondary components, a medium tempo, and a stern vibe. As a whole, it’s of a high caliber quality. The hook is fair. The delivery is catchy and the lyrics are simple. The verses are good. John Lewis rules on the first verse and Deeno reigns supreme on the second. Each artist dishes out a commanding flow, able wordplay, and pertinent rhymes. They make a very intrepid statement about going against the norm and not choosing the typical college route in life. All in all, this is a prize single. Take a glance at the video below.